Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Bliss

Finally! We had a family weekend. We've not had one in a while. It's been crazy busy around here, as I'm sure it's been at your house too. The older the boys get, the busier we get. I'm trying so hard to slow things down, but geez....I just cannot seem to make that happen.

We took a drive yesterday to Greyhound Rock. It's a little drive up Coast Highway about 1/2 hr outside Santa Cruz. You take a wee little hike down to an amazing beach. We had fun tide pooling, shell hunting and other follies. We each just strolled the beach finding our own little treasures. The boys were so happy. At certain times I looked at my boys and true happiness filled my soul. I still pinch myself. I cannot believe these little creatures are mine! I'm a very lucky girl indeed. Truly, life cannot be measured by what kind of house you have, what kind of car you drive or the clothes you wear. I'm so happy that I learned that lesson very early in my life. I do not care for earthy riches, they are nice and I enjoy them when they are around, but the true riches that I posses are my children and my husband. It's not an easy place to, get to but I tell ya, when you get there it's the most beautiful place to be in. 

A few thoughts that I had this weekend:

1. I love my boys.
2. I'm grateful for this moment in my life.
3. Nature is magical.
4. My husband is my best friend.
5. Patience is learned and I must practice it all the time.
6. When I'm happy my boys are happy.
7. An organized life is a happy life.
8. I really do not like Mondays.
9. I love to exercise and I like to eat...the two cancel each other out ;)
10. Life is a mystery and I'm grateful that I have another day to discover all it's beauty, good, bad and ugly.


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Melanie said...

Isn't living life richly just the best reward? I am so fulfilled with my own little family. Glad to see you post again, have been missing you. xoxo

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